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Meet The Team

Raziel Gore

Co-Founder & Studio Head of Studio YGKrow & Animator

My name is Raziel Gore. I'm an animator, illustrator, and storyboard artist. Added to that, I wish to produce live-action films, and I do voice-over acting. I am a jack of many trades. I work in live-action, musical composition, and sound design. My focus is 2D hand/traditional, and digital/traditional (tradigital) animation and storyboarding!

Raziel Gore.png

Ben Sutherland

Co-Founder of Studio YGKrow, Animator, & Writer

Ben Sutherland was born in Southern New Jersey. graduating with a degree in animation and a minor in screenwriting from UArts. He is an animator, screenwriter, voice actor, and overall paleontology fanatic. Creating 3 student films and assisting with numerous animated shorts.


Marcus Purnell


I’m an animator from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who recently graduated from the University of the Arts. I am very ambitious and passionate about designing characters, animation, and comics. I currently worked at OVFX/Outlook Company where I do storyboards for Kulipari.

Marcus Purnell

Kevin Rivera


A self taught illustrator that majored in 2D and 3D Animation. Whenever it’s an animated series, movie, video game, or comic books, I’ve always seek new avenues to create new stories for people to enjoy for the present and into the future. From cosmic space horrors, adventures during prehistoric times, or the trials of a struggling worker, I wish to dive deep into these tales that can speak to someone as various stories had done for me. Looking forward to creating with you.

Kevin Rivera.jpg

Lior Sendowski

Social Media

My name is Lior Sendowski. I am a graduate of Art Education (MAT) and Animation (BFA) at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA. I have a variety of skills with 2D, 3D, and stop-motion animation, but I primarily focus on working in 3D animation, specifically with 3D environmental backgrounds on Maya.

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