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Red Maize

"A dream comes true with no exit"

Natch follows his dreams to work at a so-called animation studio but soon realizes that there's no exit.

Director's Statement

The idea of "Red Maize" is an analogy I made up over the summer. Maize represents the industry, as it gets old the maize turns red. That's where "Red" is portraying the corruption of the industry. What motivated me to create this film was based on my perspective & fears to work in the animation industry but, with comic elements. Ever since in my childhood, I made numerous comic's strips of the characters I created. From exploring islands to collect rewards to an android cop arresting a manic bunny, including myself as a character. I start by making the character and build a world around them.

Cast & Crew

Art Director

Marcus Purnell


Marcus Purnell
Ben Sutherland
Kyle Hightower
Matt Anderson

Character Design/ Concept Artist

Marcus Purnell

Storyboard Artist

Marcus Purnell

Storyboard Revisionist

Khyle Hightower
Nia Veal
Mark Reid

Lead Animator

Marcus Purnell


Ben Sutherland
Raziel Gore

Rough Animator

Sam Walker

Background Artist

Marcus Purnell

Inked In-Betweens Artist

Cinthia Navarro
Marcus "Donny" Smith

Color Artist

Marcus Purnell

Voice Actors

Matt Anderson as Natch
Ben Sutherland as Grin Tobin
Rachel Schumacher as Tori


Marcus Purnell


Mark Samani


Erik Van Horn

Special Thanks To

Josh Donovan

Steph Flores

Raziel Gore

Tenzin Yougyal

Ben Sutherland

Cinithia Navarro

Jake Sliverstein

Chloe Carr

Friends and Family that encouraged me along the way!

Red Maize "Deleted Scenes"

Marcus Purnell put together various scenes which were originally intended for his senior thesis, Red Maize. This film was later screened for the University of the Arts Senior Sowcase of 2020.

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